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Ural Effervescent Powder Cranberry 28 Sachets

Ural Effervescent Powder Cranberry 28 Sachets

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Product Description:

Introducing Ural Effervescent Powder in a tantalizing cranberry flavor. This pack of 28 sachets is meticulously crafted to support urinary tract health while delivering the delightful tang of cranberries. Whether you're at work or enjoying a leisurely day, these sachets ensure that you get a burst of flavor and health benefits simultaneously. With Ural, prioritizing your urinary well-being has never been this flavorful.


  • Urinary Tract Wellness: Expertly formulated to assist in maintaining a healthy urinary tract and counteract the onset of urinary tract infections.
  • Tangy Cranberry Flavor: Infuses the rich and refreshing taste of cranberries, turning healthful consumption into a treat.
  • Convenient Sachet Packaging: 28 individual sachets ensure precise dosage and make it easy to carry and use anytime, anywhere.
  • Quick-Dissolve Formula: Designed for rapid effervescence and swift absorption, offering immediate benefits.
  • All-Natural Composition: Emphasizes natural ingredients to ensure a safe and holistic approach to urinary health.
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