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Strataderm Scar Therapy Silicon Gel 20g

Strataderm Scar Therapy Silicon Gel 20g

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Product Description:

Strataderm Scar Therapy Silicon Gel is expertly crafted to diminish, flatten, and smooth the appearance of scars. This 20g tube offers a clinically-proven solution, ensuring your skin heals beautifully, minimizing scar visibility and enhancing overall skin health.

Key Features:

Advanced Scar Solution: Effective for a range of scars including surgical, burn, and traumatic scars.

Rapid Drying & Clear Finish: The gel dries swiftly, leaving a transparent protective layer, ideal even for facial application.

Proven Silicone Formula: Known for its scar treatment benefits, silicone locks in moisture and shields the scar.

Safe for All: Dermatologically approved and free from active ingredients, it's suitable for every age, including children.

UV Protection: Offers added protection to vulnerable scar tissue from harmful UV rays.

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