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Prunelax Tablets - 200 Count

Prunelax Tablets - 200 Count

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Product Description:

Experience nature's gentle solution to occasional constipation with Prunelax Tablets. Derived from the natural goodness of prunes, this 200-count pack promises consistent, effective relief. Designed to bring comfort, Prunelax ensures that you feel rejuvenated and at your optimal best.

Key Features:

Nature-Derived Formulation: Taps into the reliable laxative powers of prunes.

Gentle Yet Effective: Delivers mild results that are both consistent and predictable.

Convenient Consumption: Tailored for easy intake, typically offering overnight action for morning comfort.

Ample Supply: 200 tablets ensure you're covered for an extended period.

Safe for Occasional Use: Offers a natural alternative to other over-the-counter options, suitable for most adults.

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