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Breath Pearls Natural Capsules - 50 Count

Breath Pearls Natural Capsules - 50 Count

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Product Description:

Experience the unique blend of natural freshness with Breath Pearls Natural Capsules. These capsules bring an innovative, holistic touch to breath freshness, ensuring you're primed for any interaction. The 50-count pack offers an easy solution to on-the-go oral hygiene.

Key Features:

Pure Freshness: Utilizes the natural benefits of peppermint and parsley oils for sustained fresh breath.

Digestive Harmony: Not just oral freshness – also aids in neutralizing internal body odors.

Lasting Effect: Enjoy hours of fresh breath with just one capsule.

Simple Usage: Easily incorporated into daily routines, just swallow with water.

Compact Pack: 50 capsules in a pack perfect for those keen to try or for short trips.

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