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Naruto Box Set 3 Volumes 49-72 with Premium

Naruto Box Set 3 Volumes 49-72 with Premium

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Product Description:

Witness the grand conclusion of Naruto Uzumaki's journey to become the Hokage in "Naruto" Box Set 3. Spanning volumes 49 to 72, experience the climactic battles, heartwarming resolutions, and the legacy of the shinobi world. Accompanied by special premiums, it's an unforgettable ending to a legendary series.

Key Features:

Shinobi Showdown: Engage with the final arcs, culminating in the intense Fourth Great Ninja War.

Climactic Collection: Revel in 24 volumes that bring the epic tale of Naruto to a fitting close.

Legacy of Bonds: Discover the importance of friendships, rivalries, and perseverance in the ninja world.

Exclusive Bonuses: Curated premiums included, deepening the manga experience.

Collector's Edition: Packaged to safeguard the volumes, ensuring every fan can treasure this saga forever.

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