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Grahams C+ Eczema & Dermatitis Cream 240g

Grahams C+ Eczema & Dermatitis Cream 240g

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Product Description:

Introducing Grahams C+ Eczema & Dermatitis Cream — your shield against skin discomfort. Crafted with a unique blend of natural ingredients, this 240g cream is expertly formulated to provide relief from the itching and inflammation associated with eczema and dermatitis. Grahams C+ not only soothes but also works to repair the skin's protective barrier, promoting healthier skin over time.

Key Features:

Targeted Relief: Specifically formulated to alleviate the symptoms of eczema and dermatitis, offering rapid and lasting relief.

Natural Ingredients: Enriched with a blend of botanicals and essential oils known for their skin-soothing properties.

Barrier Repair: Strengthens the skin's natural protective layer, preventing further damage and ensuring long-term health.

Safe & Gentle: Free from harmful chemicals, parabens, and steroids, making it suitable for even the most sensitive skin types.

Trusted Brand: Grahams has been a beacon of hope for those with skin concerns, ensuring efficacy without compromising safety.

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