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Bleach Box Set 3 Includes vols. 49-74 with Premium

Bleach Box Set 3 Includes vols. 49-74 with Premium

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Product Description:

Dive deeper into the complexities of Soul Society with "Bleach" Box Set 3. This gripping collection brings together the latter chapters of Ichigo Kurosaki's journey, unveiling secrets, loyalties, and the ultimate battles between Soul Reapers and their adversaries. Complemented with unique premiums, it's a collection that promises to be both engaging and memorable.

Key Features:

Finale Chapters: Revel in the final arcs that bring the story of Bleach to its riveting conclusion.

26-Volume Set: Journey through volumes 49 to 74, each packed with action, intrigue, and emotion.

Epic Confrontations: Witness the culmination of Ichigo's powers and the series' most intense battles.

Exclusive Premiums: Handpicked collectibles that enhance the manga-reading adventure.

Durable Packaging: Crafted to protect the volumes, ensuring they remain a highlight of any collection.

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