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Bio Island Lysine Starter For Kids 150G Oral Powder

Bio Island Lysine Starter For Kids 150G Oral Powder

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Product Description:

Introducing Bio Island Lysine Starter For Kids, a meticulously formulated oral powder that’s primed to support the thriving growth and development of young children. This 150g container brims with the benefits of the essential amino acid lysine, crucial for numerous bodily functions such as muscle repair, antibody production, and enzyme synthesis. Designed with the nutritional needs of kids in mind, this supplement is a perfect addition to fortify your child's daily dietary intake.

Key Features:

Muscle & Tissue Repair: Lysine facilitates efficient muscle and tissue recovery, catering to the active lifestyles of kids.

Immune Fortification: Plays a role in producing antibodies, enhancing the body's natural defense mechanism.

Enzyme Production: Lysine aids in synthesizing enzymes vital for various physiological processes.

Easy Integration: The oral powder format ensures hassle-free mixing with food or drinks.

Quality Commitment: Bio Island's devotion to superior ingredients and stringent testing assures a top-notch product for your child's needs.

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