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Oral-B Clic Replacement Brush Heads 2 Pack

Oral-B Clic Replacement Brush Heads 2 Pack

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Product Description:

Refresh your Oral-B Clic toothbrush with the Oral-B Clic Replacement Brush Heads. Designed to provide a superior and gentle cleaning experience, these brush heads ensure that every brushing session counts. Made with high-quality bristles and compatible with the Oral-B Clic handle, embrace a rejuvenating oral care regimen with every replacement.


  • High-Quality Bristles: Ensure a deep and gentle cleaning action, effectively removing plaque.
  • Optimal Compatibility: Perfectly fits the Oral-B Clic toothbrush handle.
  • Easy to Replace: Simple click-in mechanism for hassle-free replacement.
  • Durable Design: Made to last, offering numerous effective brushing sessions.
  • Eco-Friendly Packaging: Thoughtfully packaged to reduce environmental impact.
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