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Mitani Chicken Salt - 200g

Mitani Chicken Salt - 200g

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Product Description:

Savor the rich, umami essence of Mitani Chicken Salt, meticulously crafted to be a culinary game-changer. This 200g offering delivers a harmonious blend of ingredients that resonate with the genuine taste of chicken, making it a staple seasoning for a variety of dishes. Whether you're sprinkling it on fries, grilling meats, or elevating a simple dish, Mitani Chicken Salt promises an enriched flavor profile that will delight your taste buds.

Key Features:

Authentic Taste: Crafted with a perfect blend to capture the genuine flavor of chicken.

Generous Quantity: Packed in a 200g container, ensuring you have ample seasoning for various culinary adventures.

Kitchen Essential: A versatile seasoning that elevates everything from simple snacks to gourmet recipes.

Premium Quality: Brought to you by Mitani, a name synonymous with excellence in flavor and quality.

Stay-Fresh Packaging: Comes in a container designed to preserve the freshness and essence of the salt.

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