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Finish Powerball Quantum Ultimate Lemon Sparkle 36 Pack

Finish Powerball Quantum Ultimate Lemon Sparkle 36 Pack

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Product Description:

Unleash the ultimate cleaning prowess combined with the invigorating scent of lemon with the Finish Powerball Quantum Ultimate Lemon Sparkle. This pack of 36 tablets offers a dishwashing experience that goes beyond mere cleaning, ensuring each dish radiates brilliance and freshness. Developed with the most advanced technology in the Finish line-up, every tablet encapsulates the promise of a spotless shine with a zesty finishing touch.

Key Features:

Ultimate Cleaning Performance: Quantum Ultimate formula dives deep into stains and residues, leaving no trace behind.

Zesty Lemon Finish: Infused with Lemon Sparkle, it guarantees a refreshing aroma, making your dishes feel and smell impeccably clean.

Three-Chamber Technology: A trio of powerful cleaning agents works in synergy, offering grease cutting, stain removal, and shine enhancement.

Glass Guard: Protects your delicate glassware from etching, ensuring longevity and brilliance in each wash.

Convenient 36-Pack: While packed for premium performance, it's also sized perfectly for households ensuring a month-long pristine dishwashing experience.

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