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Fairy Platinum Easy Dishwashing Spray Lemon 300 ml x 8 Pack

Fairy Platinum Easy Dishwashing Spray Lemon 300 ml x 8 Pack

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Product Description:

Transform the way you handle your dishwashing chores with the Fairy Platinum Easy Dishwashing Spray in an invigorating lemon scent. Specifically formulated to break down grease and food residues, this easy-to-use spray provides an efficient clean without the fuss. With its convenient spray format, tackling tough stains on dishes has never been so effortless. Elevate your kitchen routine with Fairy Platinum Easy Spray.


  • Efficient Spray Format: Targeted spray mechanism ensures precise application on stubborn stains.
  • Pack of 8: Stock up and save with a value pack of eight 300 ml bottles.
  • Lemon Freshness: Delight in the zesty lemon aroma that leaves dishes smelling clean and fresh.
  • Grease Breakdown Power: Enhanced with Fairy's renowned grease-fighting formula for immaculate results.
  • Rapid Action: Designed to act fast on tough residues, reducing soaking time.
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