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Fairy Platinum Easy Dishwashing Spray Lemon 300 ml

Fairy Platinum Easy Dishwashing Spray Lemon 300 ml

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Product Description:

Experience the innovative dishwashing solution with Fairy Platinum Easy Dishwashing Spray in Lemon. This potent spray is specifically crafted to tackle tough food residues and grease, ensuring your dishes shine bright and remain spotless. Infused with the invigorating scent of lemon, it leaves behind a pleasant aroma that elevates the entire dishwashing experience. Simplify your kitchen chores with Fairy Platinum Easy Spray.


  • Convenient Spray Mechanism: Easily target and tackle stubborn stains with a direct spray.
  • 300 ml Content: Perfectly sized for ample coverage without frequent repurchase needs.
  • Refreshing Lemon Scent: Ensures dishes not only look clean but also smell delightfully fresh.
  • Powerful Grease-Fighting Formula: Fairy's trusted formula works effectively against tough residues.
  • Quick Action: Reduces the need for soaking, saving time and effort.
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