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BioSlim VLCD Bar Variety Pack 60g x 15 Pack

BioSlim VLCD Bar Variety Pack 60g x 15 Pack

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Product Description:

BioSlim presents its VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet) Bar Variety Pack — a delightful assortment of nutrition-packed bars designed for those on the go. With 15 uniquely flavored 60g bars, this pack is the perfect blend of taste and nutrition. Whether you're looking to manage weight, fuel a workout, or just need a healthy snack option, BioSlim ensures you don't compromise on taste or health.


  • Optimized Nutrition: Formulated for Very Low Calorie Diets, perfect for weight management and nutritional supplementation.
  • Variety in Every Pack: Experience 15 different flavors, ensuring a new taste with every bite.
  • High in Protein: Each 60g bar is protein-rich, supporting muscle growth and recovery.
  • Convenient Snacking: Individually wrapped bars make for the perfect on-the-go snack or meal replacement.
  • Quality Ingredients: No artificial preservatives or sweeteners, emphasizing natural and wholesome nutrition.
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