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Anchor Original Chicken Chippy Flavoured Salt - 170g x 12 Pack

Anchor Original Chicken Chippy Flavoured Salt - 170g x 12 Pack

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Product Description:

Elevate your culinary experience with Anchor's Original Chicken Chippy Flavoured Salt. This 12-pack offering weighs in at a generous 170g per container, ensuring that you have ample seasoning to last. Infused with authentic chicken flavor and the ideal saltiness, this seasoning is bound to make your dishes resonate with a gourmet touch. Whether you're seasoning fries, meats, or gourmet dishes, Anchor's Chicken Chippy Flavoured Salt is your go-to for that savory kick.

Key Features:

Authentic Flavor: Real chicken essence gives your dishes a genuine chicken chippy taste.

Bulk Value: Contains 12 containers of 170g each, offering lasting value for frequent use.

Versatile Use: Perfect for seasoning fries, meats, poultry, and various gourmet recipes.

Consistent Quality: From the trusted brand of Anchor, ensuring consistent flavor and quality in every sprinkle.

Sealed for Freshness: Each container is securely sealed, ensuring the salt remains fresh and flavorful.

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