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Anchor Original Chicken Chippy Flavoured Salt - 170g

Anchor Original Chicken Chippy Flavoured Salt - 170g

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Product Description:

Experience the tantalizing taste of Anchor's Original Chicken Chippy Flavoured Salt. Weighing in at a perfect 170g, this seasoned salt brings forth the authentic savoriness of chicken, crafted meticulously to enhance your dishes. Whether it's your everyday meals or a gourmet preparation, this Chicken Chippy Flavoured Salt from Anchor ensures that every bite echoes with rich flavor.

Key Features:

Distinctive Flavor: Infused with genuine chicken essence, bringing an unparalleled depth of flavor to your meals.

Perfect Quantity: Comes in a 170g container, ideal for frequent culinary use without being overwhelming.

Versatile Application: An excellent seasoning choice for everything from fries and roasts to gourmet preparations.

Consistent Quality: Hailing from the trusted Anchor brand, guaranteeing uniformity in taste and quality.

Freshness Guaranteed: Securely sealed packaging ensures the salt retains its flavor and freshness.

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